mardi 28 mars 2017

ascension to median earth,Arieon earth and ARI-yah earth

Last month i have experienced ascension to median earth through a safe-passage solar window that led me to a future version of earth.Safe-passage solar window codes/safe-haven rainbow run codes are available on the Arhayas website and come through 4 code sets and are the go vertical series, the funny thing is that i have never purchased those codes and never meditated on them but several days before experiencing that particular ascension episode,i remember very well 2 nights in a row when i would go to sleep as soon as i would put my head on the pillow one of these codes suddenly appeared in my inner sight.I remembered seeing those codes before so i went to the Arhayas website to check on them and verify, i was not surprised to find out that they were the same ( as far as i could remember ) and again this validated the direct cognitive experiences i've had.

Median earth is not a perfect place,there are still some problems we are facing over there like drugs and some form of gang violence for instance, but these problems appeared to be less severe and contained if they were to be compared to our 3d reality.Before i got to median earth,i remember travelling on the vertical upward and crossing 2 particular planetary layers where there is a lot of black magic happening, black magicians/sorcerers were active within these layers and i also remember seeing some humanoid bodies lying on the ground in a fetal position as if completely unconscious or passed out,the bodies were tall in proportion and all had black markings in the flesh very similar to tribal tattoos, their skin was albino white and they had long white hair,it was a weird sight.I believe those codes were simply spontaneously activated within my lightbody and they prove to safely pass or travel through these black magic grid layers when ascending to the future versions of earth.

When i arrived to median earth, it was busy, there were a lot of people outside and it looked like a music festival was occurring,something similar to a lollapalooza music festival,i remember seeing mostly humans ( as in 3d humans ) but there was a particular ET race i have never seen before that were there too,they looked busy but i didn't take the time to look into what they were doing, they were dressed similar to star trek confederation officers.I kept walking slowly soaking up on everything i was seeing, being careful not to be judgmental or making projections on others or what i was witnessing.When i was not sure of what was happening or what i was witnessing i would ask questions to someone nearby without being invading.

This was my second ascension experience, the other one happened in 2015 while in the astral plane after a battling episode with an Archon entity ( Archons are Gargoyles type of entity who have the ability to manipulate through simulation,in the astral planes at least in this part of the galaxy is very much like a simulated reality where archons impersonate people to trick the human spirit, they are imposters ) where i kicked the mofo's ass into oblivion because at that point i had gotten so sick and tired of all the fakery and deceit of these beings ( sorry Archons but you are fakes ).At that point i was very much in Sync with the authentic and true consciousness of this planet and i had this internal monologue going on that came from an elevated spirituality, expressing heartfelt gratitude and empathy, a very deep love for planet earth and our divine eternal mother, feelings of joy, freedom,support for all life while having mental clarity,as i was having this internal monologue an amazing and magnificent field of shimmering translucent aqua wave opened in the astral just a few feet away and i knew what that was,i quickly moved towards it and moved inside it, it felt so good and it felt like HOME! then i started travelling upward on the vertical and so i looked up and i remember seeing my vertical channel very clearly,i travelled for a moment like that until i saw a pure platinum seal, the platinum seal seemed to be made of pure plasma, it opened in the manner of a vortex through which i travelled through...

These future versions of earth are very real just as tangible as in 3d earth experience, they are not a fake and fluffy love and light type of worlds,it's the quality and refinement of spirit that one can notice and feel, the elements being in their natural and organic configuration.

From my perspective these ascending experiences are giving me a few glimpses of what to look forward to, which can be very interesting or a very joyful experience, but i am still here in this fictitious 3d reality and so i find there is a lot of work to do, i mean this is not just about me ascending to a better place in a near future but how can i create a reality here in 3d that will be synchronized and in a symbiotic relationship with this future earth timeline ( or future earths if you prefer ).The integral bridge frequencies are definitely coming through and i began hearing these eternal organic natural frequencies just last week, they sometimes sound like a multiple waves pattern harmonic, it's hard to describe it's like hearing a song within a song within a song within a song, it is very pleasing but out of this world at the same time, you can even hear INTEL being distributed in the form of lyrics! my perception and understanding of the 900 years or so time window we have is a dedicated time line for our 3d earth ( more precisely the ascension hubs positioned in different geographical locations ) to blend with these frequencies so we can shift out of that inorganic time wave we've been stuck into for so long, but even after that the other versions of future earth will still go through their ascension process but without that inorganic time wave and its related descending hubs, meaning that it won't be a struggle anymore, just a very natural and joyful ascending experience to our eternal cosmic home.Well,anyway,that's the way i see it.Thanks for reading, take care and be well.

Lyson roy

jeudi 9 mars 2017

new earth time wave

Recently i was receiving the nudge to prepare myself for another level of planetary activation that was to start in late january and early february,having now experienced this activation while being conscious within my sleep i can confirm once again the precise information available on the Arhayas website in the dispensations section where you can read the 5th anniversary KRH fail-safe posts for FREE.The information is quite dense and it helps to be familiar with AMCC-MCEO-GA material, this article is not about this experience i have had just a few days ago but i thought it would be worth mentioning since this is all very real for me and that it validates ( again ) this ascension cycle we're going through.

Now,i must underline that this article is not based on research or investigative process but completely based on intuitive perception.So for the last couple of days while practicing my meditation i am hearing about the new earth time wave,and that this new time wave will modify our brainwave patterns.Basically we all ( indigos and starseeds included ) have been functioning and existing on artificial frequencies induced type of environments for a long time, from what i hear this new time wave is a carrier of organic cosmic frequencies which means organic light codes.This new time wave will be available to EVERYONE but it will be of easier access to those synchronized to the new time wave ( through krystal river host or krystal river bridge if you prefer ) only because they have gone through the transmutation process of all the karmic gunk from a multidimensional perspective not because they are more special than others, it would be like saying you have cleansed and cleared your pipelines so that clean water can pour through so to speak.

I am also hearing that this will have an ultra expansive effect,i mean try to imagine your brain functioning at 35-45 percent when it's been functioning at only 10% all your life ( just an example i am not saying that this is what will happen exactly as i do not have the numbers or the degree of increase for each individual ) i do not know how this will be experienced globally or even individually but my guess is that depending of the timeline one has chosen,an ascending or descending path for instance we can only imagine the impact this would have and again i am only saying this from a point of observation and not being judgmental whatsoever, the only difference being that if you are prepared or not to ride that new time wave.I have mentioned in a previous article last year about ascending hubs and descending hubs,ascending hubs appear to be anchored in the 2d GRUAL point which is where the aurora krystar river plasmas ( or krystal star for others ) are streaming through, the krystal star tones are embedded in the ceiling of my home studio here in 2d.The planetary GRUAL point is located in florida and there is a pathway for these plasmas to get here from the next universe, to our galaxy, our solar system and then the planet and people.But i really don't know if that new time wave is the combination of these plasmas streaming as one big carrier wave or if it's something else.

I am personally already experiencing this new earth time wave myself since the planetary Thru-ah body activation last year and recently integrating the integral bridge code with the Eff-i-far-a KHY waves ( see the Shiftmasters course 1 and 2 dvd workshops at Arhayas websites for more info ),my reticular activating system is being greatly impacted but i do also feel my brain chemistry beginning to change,i understand this is a gradual process and it won't happen overnight.

New earth time wave will feel quite different from the current artificial 3d linear time line which is very much a reversed inorganic time wave where we have been going backwards in time even if we believe we were moving forward in time,or to the future.The future we experience in this artificial linear time line is a continual repeat of the past where we repeat the same mistakes over and over again without ever learning from our mistakes to then move on to an organic and natural future where we would grow and evolve as free beings, this is what i had described as the astrological ages and the zodiac belt in a previous article.This is linked to the unnatural tilt of the planet and with the precession of the equinoxes, there has been a time displacement in our past to phase lock this planet within this unnatural linear time line,where we are born, exist to survive, die/decay and repeat the same hopeless and sickening cycle again again, but NO MORE! for those who choose real and authentic freedom the choice is now available, we have our teter line with our authentic cosmic earth.

But this will probably be a work in progress to become in sync with this cosmic earth time wave, particularly within the context of artificial 3d linear time line for the time being at least, for instance all my life i have struggled with organizing my time and my life for the simple reason that our 3d linear time structure feels so unnatural and oppressive to me, and above all makes no sense! our bio-neurological template will probably go through several phases of amazing healing and we will also most probably experience sudden shifts in consciousness where we will experience our own plasma anatomy as we are getting more and more synchronized with the natural organic planetary plasma body of the earth,i am experiencing all of those things myself practically every week now, basically we are entering a phase where our future Self ( the real and organic future ) is meeting with our past Self ( the inorganic and unnatural past ) at this juncture point where our eternal and authentic Self exists, this is the eternal authentic and cosmic YOU that exists beyond time and manifestation templating,this is where we cosmically breathe with eternal god-source in a natural and organic movement of free flowing co-creativity.Many blessings, take care and be well.

Lyson Roy

vendredi 13 janvier 2017

the angelic human race/Turaneusiam or project T-1 and T-2

In late december of 2016,i have experienced what appeared to be a sequential event in the past of planet earth through akashic records recording of Harmonic Universe 2 ( HU2 in short ),it would be important to underline right now that the akashic records of planet earth had been modified in the past by invaders races to suit their agenda and mislead human race's memory as a collective consciousness in the timelines, in this context it is good to know that perhaps many of channelers and mediums material and messages come from these modified/corrupted akashic records and NOT the true historical records of earth.The planetary memory i was looking at involved the planet TARA and the cataclysmic event that occurred at the time which caused a part of her morphogenetic field to fall in HU1 which is our solar system and its related timelines.There was this mega blast which created this mega explosion through the planetary layers seen as this yellow explosion that looked like a conglomeration of stars or type of nebulas also yellow which reminded me very much of the pleiades constellation except it was yellow, what appeared next were pictures ( very similar to photographs ) of all individuals who have passed away into that blast ( at least this is my understanding ) each photographic memory appearing as a holographic projection to my view.What struck me the most as i was looking at each individual was their eyes, they had these incredibly beautiful angelic eyes, each one of them with the same exact eyes even if they all had different traits or features to their physical expressions, they all had the same exact large angelic eyes.What i am not able to shake off since seeing that memory record is the sadness in their eyes that i can only describe as a divine cosmic sadness, if you are an empath this can be felt very deeply while looking at the memory record of these people,i am still haunted so to speak not only of this memory but by these incredible eyes,i believe that i was looking at the Tarans or the Turaneusiam angelic humans of TARA...The sadness that i am trying to describe would be like trying to describe a cosmic sadness coming from source which is not possible to describe into words but can only be felt through the heart and soul, it is as if i was looking into the heart of those who created the Turaneusiam,into their heartbreak of not seeing this cosmic creation coming to completion or fruition.Imagine yourself as an artist putting all your heart and soul into this project that has so much meaning to you not only as an artist but also as a co-creator with eternal god-source,and that this project has its own divine purpose in the greater cosmos, and having this project demolished or just constantly messed-up with, this is how it feels to me but i might have a too close proximity with that project myself as an Oraphim,so this may feel very personal because i am genetically bonded to the Turaneusiam angelic human race from a very long time ago.

The reader can easily find articles or threads on the net on the Turaneusiam angelic human that are all based on the transmissions received and written through E'Asha's more specifically her Voyagers books 1 and 2,but i highly suggest to anyone interested in learning and understanding our true history and our true historical records to get these books and read the whole information transmitted by the guardian alliance ( since it is copyright material i will not reproduce this here ), not only to get the whole authenticity of this info but practicing and exercising your own thinking processes in investigating and researching helps a lot in turning some switches on in the dna,and it also helps in reclaiming the consciousness that we are on a multidimensional scale back to the rightful owner,a cosmic god-sovereign-free individual.Excellent and accurate Information can also be found on the Energetic synthesis website about the 12 dna strands template and related info...

Again,earlier this week of january 2017,i have experienced what appeared to be a galactic akashic record of the planet earth,Harmonic Universe 3 ( HU3 in short ),very similar to the experience of viewing TARA akashic record, but it had a much broader view, in this case a kind of galactic overview but this time it seemed to involve a future timeline of planet earth, to be honest i cannot confirm if it was in fact a past or future timeline because when i woke-up from sleep i didn't remember all the sequencing completely, but i did remember seeing multiple ET races and inter dimensional beings that were involved OR that are going to be involved in inter-relationship and inter-involvement with the planet earth, the level of diversity was quite incredible to see, we just have no idea at least yet and i could describe this as something very similar to star trek type culture but not "exactly" like star trek.There was an individual picture of a person of each of the ET races involved with the earth not in a holographic type of manner or sequencing but rather seen as an overview of galactic neighborhood coming into contact with the earth planet, there were so many of them it was mind blowing, many of these ET races we have never heard of at least from the perspective of our "ufo" culture and testimonies of experiencers and abductees.Then i started to have direct cognitive experiences of a future earth timeline, most probably Median earth/Aurora ascension earth, where i saw different types of beings and ET races and humans walking around in a city co-mingling with each other peacefully, like a futuristic city of planet earth, it could have been a bleed through because i'm going through several activations since last year with plasma body anatomy, there was this ThRUah planetary body activation happening late 2016 recently and it has been non stop since then.

I wanted to start off 2017 with the topic of the Turaneusiam angelic human race based on my experience that i have had lately because it was so direct and picks up where i left off with my last article.It feels coherent with the timeline of this blog and my own personal timeline.I will try to expand on the topic of the Turaneusiam angelic human race at other times throughout the year in the context of the aurora ascension earth timeline while exploring/investigating/researching/experiencing other topics as well,bringing my angle of perspective from higher aspects of my Self.

Lyson Roy